Discovering the World of Beekeeping

Biodiversity & Black Bees

In 2023, a dedicated center for biodiversity and black bees was established.

The black bee, a French breed originating from Brittany

Why create this new hub?

Concerned about the well-being of the environment and our animals, we have chosen the black bee because it too is threatened by the dangers that affect bees in general.

Our goal is to protect endangered species and we have created this center to raise awareness about the well-being of these species, which often have a bad reputation.

Both young and old are invited to discover the world of bees and learn about the preservation of biodiversity.

Why protect the black bee?

Adapted to the local climate, it ensures more consistent and diverse pollination than imported subspecies. Like all pollinators, it is essential and cannot be replaced.

Animal Caretaker & Beekeeper

The ZooParc of Trégomeur has its own apiary

The beekeepers have received a year of training in beekeeping. Our store also features our freshly harvested honey.