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Zoo in Brittany, between Saint-Brieuc and Guingamp in the Côtes-d'Armor.


The ZooParc of Trégomeur is a realization of the Departmental Council of Côtes d’Armor assisted by the ZooParc team on the zoological and zootechnical level since 2003. In addition to being a leisure and entertainment facility, the ZooParc of Trégomeur has for vocation to be a conservatory of nature, mainly Asian and Malagasy.


Indeed, modern zoos have a double ambition:

  • Raise public awareness through education in order to convey knowledge and respect for the animal world and its environment.
  • Preserve and protect endangered species in their native environment (participation in conservation programs).


A plant park with many species, sometimes rare.


The animal collection plan is exceptional; most of the animals are part of European conservation programs (EEP or ESB): they all come from large parks in France and Europe.