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Routes and activities

Let yourself be transported to the other side of the world in a real “land of Asia” in the Côtes d’Armor. In the middle of lush vegetation, this atypical and soothing environment, populated by the songs of birds and primates, will give you the feeling of diving into the heart of a real tropical forest animated by the rustling of water and the grunts of trees. ‘animals.

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Educational activities by our trainers

How about getting to know our animals up close?

Attend the “commented feedings”, offered by the trainers several times a day, with explanations and anecdotes related to an animal and the life of the Zoological Park.

The animal thus becomes the ambassador of its biotope, an opportunity to teach the public about the fragility of its environment, the role of conservatory of endangered species…

Educational practices and public awareness become one of the essential missions of a contemporary zoo like ours.

The “Chemin des P’tits Korrigans”, our fun-educational route

Because this is close to our hearts, in 2021 we have decided to honor the fauna and flora of our region and to make visitors aware of the challenges of nature. A path in the forest has been specially laid out at the end of the visit.

An obstacle course and games of agility: games of crossing, tunnel, bridge… allow children to discover many silhouettes of animals (deer, bear, boar, fox, badger…) from our European forests. Desks with resin prints, question-and-answer terminals or flaps to lift decorate this course.

The different topics covered are as follows:

  • Trees
  • Plants
  • Forest Dwellers
  • The footprints of forest animals
  • The food chain
  • Eco-citizen behavior
  • Nature conservation
  • Biodiversity: Cradle of Life
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